Way Back Wednesday: The Chevy Bel Air’s Golden Years


The remarkable year was 1950, when Chevrolet brought in a sweeping design for cars that established an archetype which stayed on for decades. The model was called Bel Air Hardtop convertible. It was Chevy’s counterpart of the new body style that was launched by Cadillac and Buick, Oldsmobile in late 1949. After the label was recognized, it was later simply called … Continue reading

Get in a Zipcar and save money?


Join Zipcar and get $25 in free driving!Zipcar is one of the largest “car club” or “car sharing” style rental agencies in the world. Essentially if Zipcar is in your neighborhood (like it is here in Vancouver) then Zipcar will have cars that you can “rent” spread out all over town in sometimes convenient (and other times not so) places. … Continue reading

Honda Launches new 2011 CR-Z in 3D


3D is the huge buzz word these days and Honda sure knows it. Yesterday, Honda motor corp. took over times square in NYC with a five block long event that included live music, a photo booth, Maxim magazine booth girls, the brand new Honda CR-Z and of course a whack of 3D footage (including 3D glasses for the masses). Approximately … Continue reading

The modern, green and economical way to rent a car


Ever thought you needed a car for a day but didn’t want to go through the hassle of renting? Zipcar and the Coop Auto Network are a few car club options that let you do just that, and they generally have cars parked in a neighborhood near you. But don’t we need less cars on the road nowadays? So what … Continue reading

Way Back Wednesday: The Raw Muscle That Was The Chevelle


Automobile aficionados can testify that the 1960’s were a roaring decade of non-stop excitement. These were the years where cars were more powerful than ever, and the muscle was palpable. These muscle cars were a huge hit during the era, and perhaps the greatest corner stone of the period was the Chevelle. It was a dominant, respectable muscle cars and … Continue reading

Will you Save Money Buying a Hybrid Car


Hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular as people eventually realize the importance of leading sustainable lifestyles. Hybrid cars may be good for protecting the environment, but are they friendly with the consumer’s budget as well? To help you better understand; let’s start with the basics. Hybrid Cars: Overview Hybrid cars use two or more distinct sources of power … Continue reading

Find the Right Car Stereo


Everybody wants some form of entertainment in the car, and having a car stereo just does it. However, the stereo receivers we have nowadays have much more to offer than simply being able to play music. Whether you are buying one to replace your old deck or just to add some entertainment on your ride, here are some things that … Continue reading

The Best Way to Make Your Tires Shine


For car owners and lovers, the looks of the car is a very crucial feature that must be maintained all the time. It is not enough that the engine and the other parts are in mint condition, the exterior should do its job of looking fine and attractive as well. That way your car looks great whether you are just … Continue reading