Way Back Wednesday: The Chevy Bel Air’s Golden Years


The remarkable year was 1950, when Chevrolet brought in a sweeping design for cars that established an archetype which stayed on for decades. The model was called Bel Air¬†Hardtop convertible. It was Chevy’s counterpart of the new body style that was launched by Cadillac and Buick, Oldsmobile in late 1949. After the label was recognized, it was later simply called … Continue reading

How To Jump Start a Car Without Jumper Cables


After our article about how to jump start a car I wanted to give a quick overview of how to jump start a car if you don’t have jumper cables. You can only perform these steps if you have a STANDARD transmission car or truck. You need a clutch otherwise this will not work. Hopefully your car or truck is … Continue reading