Green Car Insurance – Economical and Environmentally Friendly


More and more people are becoming concerned about the environment and if you are a car owner you should definitely be thinking about ways to be more eco-friendly. Car engines release carbon dioxide and other pollutants which are bad for the planet. Why not think about investing in a greener car? Not only can this help you to reduce your … Continue reading

Things to Consider when Buying a New RV


The joy of the open road and hours of uninterrupted, high-quality vacation time are found at last! RVing has seen a renaissance in the last decade, as everyone from corporate executives to the lowliest mail room clerks rediscover the vacation spots found right here on our own native soil. Sure, there will always be those who swear by traveling in … Continue reading

Car Repair Insurance, Especially For Secondhand Cars


Car repair insurance is very similar to new vehicle warranties, except it is strictly for used cars. Depending on the repair coverage plan, the insurance company will pay for the repairs/replacement of parts on used vehicles. Cheap auto insurance quotes for repair plans should be obtained prior to finalizing a used car purchase, as plans vary from company to company. … Continue reading

Is Car insurance really cheaper for women?


Car insurance is a necessity for any driver; this is including the women drivers. In most cases, car insurance for women drivers tends to be cheaper than that given to men. However, most women think their insurance is equally as expensive as that for men. This is because insurance companies have a more positive attitude towards women drivers; hence, offering … Continue reading

Vintage Car Insurance Tips – Find the best price you can


We’ve all been there—new car with a fresh fragrance, slick paint, and flawless tires. The buying of an insurance policy is the natural next step, and it at times can become tricky or frustrating to pursue. But what about cars that are slightly different? What if your car’s paint isn’t fresh and new, but rather time tested and long lasting? … Continue reading

How much is insurance? knowing your final purchase price.


Often times when buying a used or a new car, buyers will calculate their budget for the car and determine their highest monthly payment rate. What is overlooked however, is how much the car insurance will cost on the new or used car that you are buying. Sometimes, the cost of insurance can make or break your ability to purchase … Continue reading

Getting Car Insurance Discounts


We all love saving money. I love it so much that I scour the internet for hours before making buying decisions. The same can be said for car insurance. I am not a lawyer, nor am I a car insurance broker. This article is merely meant as an outline, so be sure to discuss your options with your insurance specialist … Continue reading

Car Insurance Coverage Terms


As anyone who has purchased any type of car insurance knows, there are a lot of terms used for the different types of insurance and options you can buy. I wanted to outline the most common terms and options that you can buy when purchasing car insurance. I am not a lawyer, nor am I a car insurance broker. This … Continue reading