Who is making our car insurance so high?


I think you’d be very surprised by some of the stats that have come out of a recent study into Auto Insurance and what vehicles get pulled over more than others. In the press release below you can see that middle aged WOMEN driving Mercedes Benz SL-Class were the biggest violators… by over 400%! Also, interestingly enough, you don’t see … Continue reading

Jeep Liberty: The 2011 Experience


SUV enthusiasts can now be treated to the brand new and improved Jeep Liberty; the 2011 model. This is a comfortable 4-door 5-seat machine with high performance features. Built in the US, the jeep liberty comes in three trims, the sport, Renegade and limited, with each trim portraying its own special features. The jeep brand was established in 2002 and … Continue reading

Honda Launches new 2011 CR-Z in 3D


3D is the huge buzz word these days and Honda sure knows it. Yesterday, Honda motor corp. took over times square in NYC with a five block long event that included live music, a photo booth, Maxim magazine booth girls, the brand new Honda CR-Z and of course a whack of 3D footage (including 3D glasses for the masses). Approximately … Continue reading

Morgan to plunge into electric car market


With many luxury brands getting into the electric car market it seems that Morgan doesn’t want to miss the boat. And staying always true to form, the British car maker is building a long nosed, sleek and downright amazing looking car. It’s called the LIFEcar 2, it’s diesel-electric powered and will take you where you want to go in style … Continue reading