Online Drivers Education – What You Need To Know

Depending on the state in which you live, you may find that online driver’s education works a bit differently. But, throughout the US you will find, that the basic concept remains, and it is that the online drivers education is offered to provide drivers an advantage that they otherwise would not have.

Your state laws and your age determine whether you may be required to take driver’s education before you can get your license and get behind that wheel of a vehicle. States throughout the U.S. now have what is called a Graduated License Program which all teens under 18 must complete in order to get their license.

In this instance, a teen must complete formal driver’s education in order to fill the requirements set by the state. There are other reasons to take driver’s education courses, as well. To be a responsible driver on the road, you need to know the road rules and laws. Driver’s education will help you to understand the rules and laws of the road. Many states also lessen marks against your driver’s record when you complete a driver’s education course. Many seniors take driver’s education courses to get a reduction on their auto insurance. Whatever the reason, the driver’s education courses are offered online and through land facilities, and are a benefit to every driver on the road.

How Online Driver’s Education Works

Online driver’s education is completed over the Internet. Unlike taking the course through a school or other place that offers driver’s ed courses, your classroom structure is through the driver’s training course website. It is the responsibility of every driver on the road to know the road rules and laws, and an online driver’s education course is designed to teach the student the various road rules and laws, as well as, to educate them on the effects of alcohol and drugs, and learn how to drive defensively to prevent accidents.

Online driver’s ed sites will have a software based teaching program that is installed on a computer or a computer network. This allows the site to be able to teach, feature quizzes and tests and a final exam. The site may only offer their training in text, or they may have audio content, flash animation and video.

When you sign up for an online driver’s ed course then you will register with the site, which will include making some sort of payment for the course. The site will have various payment processors, such as, credit card, debit card and so on. Once you have registered you will then get a user name and password and you can begin your training.

Driver’s ed courses should be fully approved by the State Department of Public Safety. California online driver’s education courses are very popular and fully approved by the State Department.

Once you have enrolled in an online driver’s ed course, you will then have access to the training the site provides. Online driver’s ed will teach you the safety signs on the road, and the road rules and laws, as well as driving etiquette. For teens, taking a driver’s ed course is necessary in order to get their learner’s permit. Once they have taken the driver’s ed course, and passed, they can then take the written exam issued by the DMV in their state and get their learner’s permit.

Online driver’s ed training courses are state specific courses that detail the road rules and laws that are specific to each state.

Sites That Offer Online Driver’s Ed Drivers Ed is another online driver’s ed training site that is a state approved program and provides everything that the student must know in order to get their learner’s permit or to familiarize themselves with the road rules and laws. The site also offers defensive driving training courses which are approved in many states to help clear traffic tickets. Drivers Ed Online is a site that offers self paced online driver education courses that combines text, interactive video and flash animation. This particular site happens to guarantee their course 100%. In other words, if you don’t pass the course, you are not obligated to pay. The site also offers driver training for all fifty states.

DMVDriversEducation.Org: DMV Drivers Education is an online site that offers DMV authorized courses that are available for all fifty states. The course is offered at your own pace course and there are no time limits to complete the course. DMV Drivers Education divides the course into units, with each unit containing a quiz. The quizzes and the final can be taken as many times as necessary in order to complete the course. Driver Ed To Go is another online driver’s ed training site that offers driver’s ed mad easy. The course is dmv approved and uses a Prep Wizard online exam software to help their students be prepared for the DMV written exam.

There are also sites, such as,, that offer a wealth of state specific information on driving rules and laws in the state, as well as, driver’s ed training courses that are offered through their site.

Driver’s ed courses are a necessary part of driving and prepare the student for driving and the responsibilities associated with driving. Students will not only be taught the rules and laws of the raod, and the meaning of various traffic signs, they will also be taught how to drive defensively and to avoid potential accidents as well as the effects of alcohol and drugs on the body.

When a student completes and passes an online driver’s ed course, they will then be mailed a certificate showing that they have successfully completed and passed the course.

How Long Does a Driver’s Ed Course Take

Driver’s ed courses that are offered online are designed to be completed at the students pace. Students will have the course open to them, which will be taught in units, or chapters, and upon successfully completing each, they will move onto the next. There is no time limits of the course, and students can take anywhere from a day or more to complete the course.

Have you taken an online driver’s education course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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