Do I Need a Bill of Sale to Sell a Car?

Vehicle Sales Agreement with car key and money and document

Automotive Bill of Sale Selling a car is not as easy as selling other assets. Car owners cannot just accept payment from the buyer and hand over the keys. There are certain other steps that have to be followed in order to make sure the sale actually goes through properly. Those who might not have ever sold their car to … Continue reading

How to Sell a Car Online


Go Where Your Audience Is – Online! Just as the World Wide Web has revolutionized the way people conduct their businesses, so too it has produced new ways to sell one’s own car or house. It remains as complicated a process as ever, however, and you need to know how to do it correctly. This article will outline the correct … Continue reading

Where or How Can I Sell My Car Somewhere and Get Cash for It?

Drive to a car dealer

Money for Your Ride! Selling a vehicle isn’t always as easy as we first think. There are a lot of different methods that can be used to sell a vehicle and with each of these different methods comes different possible outcomes. Some of these outcomes involve the successful sale of the vehicle while others involve nothing but problems and headaches. … Continue reading

Reasons to Have a Bill of Sale Document When Selling a Car


Warning! If you haven’t sold a car on your own before or even if you’ve sold a few of them, one thing you for sure want to make sure you do is have a car bill of sale document. If you don’t have the buyer sign one, you could be heading for a mountain of trouble. What is a Bill … Continue reading

What to Do When a Buyer Shows Up


When someone comes to look at your car, you want to be at your best. You are the one showing your car. Sure, the car should also be looking its best but a good salesperson can sell just about anything. You need to be the salesperson. Here are some tips and things to remember when buyers come to look at … Continue reading

Accepting Payment for Your Car


Accepting Cash for a Used Car If you’re selling a car, there are lot of things to think about. One that’s really important is how people are going to pay you. You want to be careful about how this is done so that you don’t lose your car or lose money on a deal. Only Accept Cash for a Car … Continue reading

The Craig’s List Car Scam


I sold my Acura RSX last year on Craig’s List. It was great because you get a lot of local people looking at your ads and when you’re selling a car, that’s definitely what you want. Another benefit is that it’s free to place an ad on Craig’s List. Along with that, I got a bunch of crazy calls that, … Continue reading

Tips for Getting the Most When Selling Your Car

Car Exterior

Cash for My Car If you are looking to sell your car, you may face some challenges. There are many factors which determine the price of a used car. If you are planning to sell a used car yourself, you need to consider all these factors and take action where needed. When you plan to sell your car, take some … Continue reading

How to Sell Your Car Yourself for the Most Cash


Selling a used car can be stressful and challenging, but you can make it interesting, and even get the most cash for it if you understand how the market works. As much as you want to get your car sold quickly, it is also very important to spend enough time on it, get expert tips and determining what its top … Continue reading

10 Tips on How to Sell Your Used Car Yourself


No matter if you have decided to go green and trade your car for a top-notch bike, or you want to sell your old car for a brand new one with improved features and functions, it is essential to know how to sell it. This way you will get the best price-quality ratio for your vehicle. A second hand car … Continue reading