Do Car Dealerships Buy Used Cars?

Sell my Car to a Dealer

One thought you might have is that instead of trying to sell your car on your own privately, it would be easier if used car dealerships bought used cars from people. Well, it turns out that some of them do. There’s even a show on TV that I saw where the dealer would take in boats and livestock in trade… … Continue reading

How to Sell a Car on Craig’s List

Sell a Car on Craig's List

What is the Best Way to Sell Your Car on Craig’s List? You’ve made up your mind to put your car up for sale. Good. The next thing you’re thinking about is how to go about selling it and what you have to do to get the most for it and sell it quickly. This article will go over how … Continue reading

Bill of Sale Document for Selling a Car

Vehicle Sales Agreement with car key and money and document

People wonder if they need a bill of sale document for selling a car. It’s going to depend on where you live. You should check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to know for sure (we have this list later on in this article). You really can’t go wrong having one as it protects both you and the buyer. … Continue reading

How to Sell a Car Privately When it is Financed


How to Sell a Financed Car Some Great Tips for Selling Your Financed Car Privately You’ve decided to sell your car or maybe you need to sell your car but you have a loan on it still. You have some options. Your state’s motor vehicle department won’t allow you to sell a vehicle and transfer the ownership of the title … Continue reading

How to Protect Yourself When Selling a Car

sell a car

Selling a Car by Owner Tips for Selling a Car Yourself You really do need to protect yourself when selling a car. Most of us are not used car salespeople. We don’t put a car up for sale everyday or even every other year. The thought of trying to sell a car yourself can seem a little scary. You’re selling … Continue reading

What to Do When a Buyer Shows Up


When someone comes to look at your car, you want to be at your best. You are the one showing your car. Sure, the car should also be looking its best but a good salesperson can sell just about anything. You need to be the salesperson. Here are some tips and things to remember when buyers come to look at … Continue reading

Six Steps to Create an Effective Used Car Ad


How to Create an Effective Car Ad You’ve decided to sell your car and now it’s time to put it up for sale and advertise it. It may seem like selling a car is easy (and sometimes it is) but if you want to get the most for your vehicle and sell it quickly, your ad should be effective and … Continue reading

How to Price a Used Car to Sell


You’ve decided to put your car up for sale. One of the first things to do is to figure out how much you can sell it for. This will require doing some research (which is easy) and it’ll help you determine if your car is worth selling or holding onto – or possibly donating to charity. Pricing Your Car or … Continue reading

How to Quickly Sell Your Used Car Online

How to Quickly Sell Your Car

Selling used cars is big business today and is quickly growing due to a rather troubled economy. Because the current economic conditions are so challenging for people, they simply prefer to buy a used vehicle over a new and more expensive vehicle. This trend has given way to a busy and ever changing used car market. Knowing these facts and … Continue reading

8 Ways to Get More for Your Used Car


Selling a used car can often be a somewhat frustrating experience where you end up with much less in your wallet than you would like when it’s all said and done. What if I told you their were quite a few simple ways which, when followed, closely were very likely to maximize the amount of money you got for your … Continue reading