How to Change a Flat Tire Safely


Having a car means that you are now open to a lot of places due to the freedom of transportation. You can go from one place to another, wherever you want, whenever you want it. But the possibility that you might get stuck on a spot because of a flat tire is also high. It is unexpected and might happen … Continue reading

Find the Right Car Stereo


Everybody wants some form of entertainment in the car, and having a car stereo just does it. However, the stereo receivers we have nowadays have much more to offer than simply being able to play music. Whether you are buying one to replace your old deck or just to add some entertainment on your ride, here are some things that … Continue reading

The Best Way to Make Your Tires Shine


For car owners and lovers, the looks of the car is a very crucial feature that must be maintained all the time. It is not enough that the engine and the other parts are in mint condition, the exterior should do its job of looking fine and attractive as well. That way your car looks great whether you are just … Continue reading

Finding the Right Car Alarm


Needless to say, your automobile is a big part of your daily routine. Anything out of walking distance summons the use of your vehicular partner and it offers you journeys and transportation at your will. It is important that these useful and expensive items stay safe and secure; you certainly don’t need it stolen from you. That’s why it is … Continue reading

Top 10 Ways To Save on Gasoline


These days, it doesn’t matter whether you drive a small little hybrid or a gas guzzling SUV, we all want to find ways of saving money of gasoline, and getting as much distance for the gallon as we can. With gas prices consistently on the rise, miles per gallon have become quite a talking point for car companies and enthusiasts. … Continue reading

How to Care for Your Convertible Top


If you’re a convertible enthusiast than you understand the importance of keeping an orderly and clean top. If you’ve got an automated hard top, the hassle is hardly as relevant. However, if you’ve chosen a soft top as your preferred solution—you’ve got a little maintenance to do. Don’t fear, however, as the duty certainly does not need to be seriously … Continue reading

Tips for Finding the “Right” Mechanic


Some say that a car is a man’s prized possession. He treats it like he treats a woman, with utmost care and attention. If that’s the case, you want to ensure that you put “her” in the able hands of a professional, and that means finding the right mechanic. Unfortunately, there really are no set rules in finding a good … Continue reading

Tips on Repairing Your Cloth Car Upholstery


It is good to keep you car at optimum performance by taking good care of its engine, exterior and of course, interior. Your car deserves proper care and treatment as it is a considerable investment on your part. It can sometimes be tiresome to keep your car spic and span but it is well worth the time and effort. You … Continue reading

23 MUST DO Car Maintenance Tips to keep the value of your car


It’s easy to lose track of the maintenance of your car. You’ve got things to do, kids to drive around, groceries to buy, and car maintenance can get pushed to the back of your mind. Here’s a list of 23 MUST DO car maintenance tips that will keep your car in tip top shape in between major services. Break in … Continue reading

How To Jump Start A Car


We’ve all been there… you left your headlights on, or the interior light on and your car battery is dead. The two biggest causes of car batteries failing is either leaving your lights on or alternator failure. One of these will probably happen to you at some point in your life. So you have to know how to jump start … Continue reading