Tips on Repairing Your Cloth Car Upholstery

It is good to keep you car at optimum performance by taking good care of its engine, exterior and of course, interior. Your car deserves proper care and treatment as it is a considerable investment on your part. It can sometimes be tiresome to keep your car spic and span but it is well worth the time and effort. You can always go with the more expensive option on having your cloth car upholstery repaired, or you can go and do it yourself.

Repairing your cloth car upholstery can really be easy if you know what to do, and depending on the specific situation. The most common problem your cloth car upholstery gets is stains. Yup, just like your clothes, your cloth car upholstery can get those too so you better be careful.

If you have kids, then you’ve got to be extra careful as kids can sometimes be rough on your upholstery. There are a lot of affordable and efficient cleaners out in the market, why not try out a few and see what works best for you? Just be sure to carefully read and follow the instructions to avoid further complications.

Timing is everything. Clean a stain immediately as it happens to avoid further damage on your cloth car upholstery. The longer you wait, the farther the stain is going to seep into your cloth car upholstery and eventually it will be permanent.

We find that the foaming cleaners work the best to get out stains in car upholstery. When you spray the cleaner onto your cloth upholstery it will foam and expand. You then leave it on for a few minutes and it will draw out the stain.

Another tip on repairing your cloth car upholstery deals with holes or rips. Just like stains, you need to take care of a hole or rip in your car upholstery to prevent further damage. The concept is really simple; all you have to do is securely sew the rip with a thick thread to do the trick. If sewing won’t do the trick especially when the damage is big, patch it up with cloth of a matching color.

There are kits available nowadays that you can buy at the store which has everything from cohesives, to threads, to pieces of patch up cloth with different colors. You should be able to find them at a good car parts store, or an online retailer like Autozone.

There are cases when the entire car seal upholstery is damaged beyond repair. If that is the case, unfortunately you’ll have to dish out some cash to get new cloth put on your car seats.

Ever had to repair a cloth interior? Let us know in the comments below.

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