How to Care for Your Convertible Top

If you’re a convertible enthusiast than you understand the importance of keeping an orderly and clean top.

If you’ve got an automated hard top, the hassle is hardly as relevant. However, if you’ve chosen a soft top as your preferred solution—you’ve got a little maintenance to do. Don’t fear, however, as the duty certainly does not need to be seriously strenuous. We’ve outlined and detailed some of the most important things to keep in mind about convertible top care below.

Vinyl Tops

If you’ve got a vinyl top, you’ll need to clean it regularly, but don’t worry: it’s as easy as washing a car. You’ll want to make use of a gentle car shampoo such as Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo. Also recommended would be the Green Long-Handle Tire & Wheel Brush with featured bristles to eliminate dirt from areas of textures vinyl on your convertible top. Make sure to wash the top of the car just like you’d clean any other part of it, but avoid shampoos that improve gloss on the top. While they can be a fine treat for the painted areas of the body, they do nothing for vinyl convertible tops.

If you find your top to be too dirty for everyday use, you can also try using a cleaner to get rid of the grease and films that plague the vinyl top. 303 Convertible Top Cleaner is a very flexible cleaning liquid that can be used for both vinyl and fabric. The beauty in the detail is that it contains no soap or detergent, and yet cleans effectively. RaggTopp is also a suitable solution to cleaning convertible tops as it not only cleans, but in addition stalls the growth of mildew. Just spray the top with some water and spray clear with cleaner before brushing and scrubbing the vinyl gently yet thoroughly.

When finished cleaning the vinyl, we recommend utilizing a vinyl protection product to keep the color and texture of the top at its original and finest condition. If this step is not carried out carefully, the top may easily become faded or cracked. A product to keep in mind would be RaggTopp Vinyl Protectant, as it is critically acclaimed by multiple manufacturers of vinyl products, such as Haartz and Colgan Custom Bars. It has the finest UV protection of any market competitors and is efficient in repelling dirt, grease, and oil. That means it cleans and purifies your top without leaving it too glossy or grease. The sheen and appearance of your vinyl top will be completely natural and attractive.

Like anything else, however, the protection of your vinyl top can be a full time thing to consider. It’s best to just keep it protected from the start to prevent as serious wear and tear. There are not all too many measures you can take to reverse damage once it’s been done—so do everything in your power to prevent it. Caring for your vinyl top can be as easy as a weekly wash and the use of gentle shampoo and monthly servings of vinyl top cleaner and protection liquid.

Fabric Tops

In many ways fabric top maintenance is very similar to the caring of a vinyl top, with the exception that you’ll need to select fabric specialized products. Convertible top cleaners are typically well suited for either type of top, be it vinyl or fabric. For the purposes of a fabric top, we would recommend a decently stiff brush, for instance: the Green Long-Handle Tire & Wheel Brush. You’ll find it effectively loosens and eliminates dirt stuck inside the fibers.

You’ll find it quite remarkable how well fabric tops can repel water; they are incredibly well constructed to keep water out! Unfortunately, the tops do age with time. The tops are simply infused with chemicals during production that assure they will repel water and any sort of contaminators. However, the presence and effectiveness of these chemicals wear down with time. The longevity these tops and chemicals is all dependent on how often you use the top and in what environment it is used, so monitor its progress and how well it is weathering your local conditions. With regular washing your top will reveal an eventual reduction of its water repellence, so stay alert. Watch carefully for any signs of puddles or wet spots where the fabric has been visibly penetrated by moisture. If you notice signs of serious wear and tear, it’s definitely time to treat your top.

When it comes to treating a fabric top, it’s best to be careful and get the best of the best for your beloved vehicle. In our testing, we’ve confirmed RaggTop to be the finest treatment product on the current market.

Also worth looking at is 303 High Tech Fabric. In reality, both products will do great things in restoring your top to its factory repellence and quality, keeping it look at its finest at all times. Make sure to apply protection formula to it often to keep your top dry and always clean. Avoid over doing it though, apply lightly and gently, the smallest coats are usually the best. Make sure to treat on a monthly basis to keep its repellence level up to date and adequate.

You and Your Top!

When it’s all said and done, if you want your soft top to be well maintained and fresh, you’ll need to put some care into it. Periodic washes will be necessary, but not too heavy a responsibility. Just by purchasing a few sprays and dedicating some time to your beloved convertible top, you can assure its functional longevity and physical appeal!

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