Tips on Repairing Your Cloth Car Upholstery


It is good to keep you car at optimum performance by taking good care of its engine, exterior and of course, interior. Your car deserves proper care and treatment as it is a considerable investment on your part. It can sometimes be tiresome to keep your car spic and span but it is well worth the time and effort. You … Continue reading

In Focus: How the Residual Value of a Car Affects Your Lease


How the residual value of a car effects your lease is dependent on many different factors. Car leasing is a booming industry that affects many Americans nowadays due to the hard economy. Being aware of residual lease values among other things relating to your car lease is important in getting you the best deal you can possibly get! Unfortunately, not … Continue reading

Way Back Wednesday – Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme


We want to start a new series of posts here on called way back Wednesday… and you guessed it, it’s going to be on Wednesdays. We’re going to dredge up old cars from the past and take a look at how far we’ve come. To kick things off as the name suggests we’re going to take a look at … Continue reading

Buy a Car Online- For Less


Buying a car online has become more attractive than ever before.  Why?  Cost.  The reduction in price when purchasing a vehicle online has lead 30% of auto buyers to  purchase online.  Cost is not the only benefit, time is as well. When purchasing a vehicle online you do not have the inconvenience of being shifted through the salesman, his manager, … Continue reading

How to Trade in your Car and Not Get Ripped Off


There is a lot of “expert” advice when it comes to trading in a vehicle and while some of it varies there is actually quite a bit that can help the car owner make a wise and informed decision. The first tip for the auto owner is to realize that it is a negotiation- but know what you have to … Continue reading

How to use eBay Motors to Buy or Sell a car


Every 52 seconds a car is sold on eBay. eBay auto auctions have literally exceeded all expectations and have become the number one selling auction. The auctions are not only a great way to purchase a vehicle, they are a great way to sell a vehicle… and, as any motorist knows, both sides of the fence here can be tedious. … Continue reading

Everything you Need to Know about New Car Prices


Before purchasing a new car it is important to be aware of the pricing on the vehicle. There are many things to consider and many variables that determine the price and understanding exactly what they are will help you to make a well-informed, wise decision. When shopping for a new car there are two important figures that you must recognize- … Continue reading