Buy a Car Online- For Less

Buying a car online has become more attractive than ever before.  Why?  Cost.  The reduction in price when purchasing a vehicle online has lead 30% of auto buyers to  purchase online.  Cost is not the only benefit, time is as well.

When purchasing a vehicle online you do not have the inconvenience of being shifted through the salesman, his manager, the finance manager, etc.  It is a pleasant experience.

Online car dealer sites are set up to be convenient.  The interested buyer simply accesses the site and requests a free quote on the vehicle they are interested in.  The quote is then- depending on the site, shifted to the dealership’s Internet sales department.   There are, however, sites that perform the service of search for the best price of the vehicle themselves by performing regional and nationwide searches, and those that have contracted with dealers for special rates.  The advantage here, is the dealers are offering the auto at a discounted price to these sites as they are making their profit (and the manager his commission) on the volume of sales over the price of the vehicle- making the vehicle less expensive to purchase online.

If there is no information on the car’s history be sure to get a car history report first before purchasing a used car… even online.

For those looking to purchase online, the best suggestion is typically to obtain a few free quotes.  Or, to conduct your business with a trusted and respected online car site that has a record of servicing their clients with the best.

In addition to the sales price of the vehicle you will be able to work out all details online such as extended warranties and financing, rust proofing, etc.

Before making your decision, be sure that:

1.    You can make an informed decision with all the facts and details in your hand upfront before having to sign the contract for the purchase of the car.
2.    You know what the dealer knows, this includes all  rebates, incentives, lease options, residual options and most important the wholesale rate money factor or interest rate.

You will find that most online car sites are your advocate and that the power they have brought to the consumer is the reason for so many online auto transactions.

Check out our article on buying and selling cars on eBay as well for more car tips on buying a car online.

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