Is Car insurance really cheaper for women?


Car insurance is a necessity for any driver; this is including the women drivers. In most cases, car insurance for women drivers tends to be cheaper than that given to men. However, most women think their insurance is equally as expensive as that for men. This is because insurance companies have a more positive attitude towards women drivers; hence, offering … Continue reading

Ten Winter Car Maintenance Tips for Your Safety and Your Car’s Upkeep


With winter seasons and cold seasons a regular part of life an people having to move through life going to work, travelling and so on, we can’t help but use our cars in the cold, even if the fact has been established that cars and the cold don’t mix. You couldn’t possibly stay home the whole of winter and not … Continue reading

New York Motorcyclist Dies From Head Injury While Protesting Helmet Laws


A 55 year old New York man has died from injuries to his head while riding his motorcycle without a helmet. What’s worse, is that he was riding to protest the state’s helmet laws imposed on motorcyclists. Philip Contos’ head hit the pavement after he locked up his tires on his Harley Davidson and went flying over the handlebars. He … Continue reading