Is Car insurance really cheaper for women?

Car insurance is a necessity for any driver; this is including the women drivers. In most cases, car insurance for women drivers tends to be cheaper than that given to men. However, most women think their insurance is equally as expensive as that for men. This is because insurance companies have a more positive attitude towards women drivers; hence, offering them cheaper insurance options. Some of the reasons why this is the case, are discussed below.

1) Women tend to go cheap on automobiles

Women’s priorities tend to differ largely with those of men. As a result, women tend to buy cheaper and more manageable cars, because having a fancy car to them is not as important as having the latest designer hair do, dress or that shoe that every sophisticated woman has. Therefore, in case an accident, the cost incurred for insurance claims for such cars is much less. This is the main reason for insurance companies to have cheaper insurance rates for women.

2) Women tend to be better drivers than men

It is a proven fact that women are better and safer drivers than men. Most women will always make it during their very first test drive, as compared to the men, in as much as they are slow learners. This is a clear sign of their attentiveness, which is later transferred practically when driving their own cars. This can be proved by the fact that most women drive at the expected speed limit, as required of them by law. This will of course reduce their rate of accidents and if they take place, the accidents are not as serious as those caused by male drivers.

3) The type of road accidents

The road accidents that women drivers tend to get involved in are in most cases less damaging than the ones that involve men. This is because most women tend to follow traffic laws and are more careful drivers on the roads. These laws include driving within the required speed limits, avoiding careless overtaking, and not using cell phones while driving, among others. They also tend to avoid driving in bad weather conditions as compared to the male drivers.

4) Insurance companies favor women drivers

Most insurance companies have policies stipulated for women drivers being cheaper than that of men, which lead to lower insurance premiums. This is done to attract women drivers who happen to be more of assets to insurance companies as compared to their male counterparts.

5) Traffic Offenses

Looking at the statistics of the persons charged with traffic offenses, it is true that men are more compared to their women counterparts. Traffic rules and regulations were put in place to ensure safety on the roads while driving. Women will rarely be found committing traffic offenses, hence leaving them on the safe side. This will of course minimize the accidents that they would have been involved in, hence fewer or no claims. Some of these statistics are what has caused the car insurance companies to come up with stiffer insurance policies for men in terms of premiums than that of women.

6) Long Distance Driving

Another factor that contributes to cheaper insurance premiums for women is that most women tend to shy from long distance drives. This is very important since most accidents occur in the course of long journeys. As a result, this will reduce the rate of expected accidents involving women drivers. The number of accidents caused will mostly involve men who might be driving very expensive cars. The rate of premiums paid for expensive cars is more compared to that paid in for cheaper automobile.

5) Masculinity vs. Femininity

Science has proved that men are led to drive at very high speeds and are in most cases found to be on the wrong due to their high levels of testosterone. It is a true and proven fact that over-speeding and having traffic faults will lead to accidents, in most cases. Since men are very good at competition, you would realize that male drivers they will in most cases want to challenge each other. This is opposite with the female drivers.

Yes it is true that car insurance for women is way cheaper because of the above reasons. But not all car insurance companies have the cheaper insurance policy for women in place. It is therefore, advisable to carry out a thorough research on the different insurance companies, to see what they have to offer.

Miles Walker is a freelance writer and blogger who usually looks at car insurance deals over at CarinsuranceComparison.Org. His most recent review looked at the best car insurance quotes.

3 thoughts on “Is Car insurance really cheaper for women?

  1. There are some good points; however there are always exceptions. Regardless of your gender, if you want a lower insurance buying a used car and obeying traffic laws can really help get your rate down.

  2. Funny, but true! Luckily I have All State and they are very fair with their prices. My insurance is awesome and reasonably priced, so I can’t complain!

  3. My sister has a new car. My mom suggested purchasing a car sr22 insurance for her car and shared this article with her. Mom said that women drivers can get lower insurance premiums because of some insurance company policies.

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