Get a Smokin’ Deal with Online Car Auctions

With the tough economy, there are many car buyers turning to the purchase of used vehicles, and some of the best used auto purchases are found through the car auctions. Second hand vehicles can be first rate vehicles, and the advantage is that they have a lower price tag. In many ways, it is a smarter way to purchase a vehicle, as a new vehicle depreciates by 1/3 its value in the first year alone.

Each year, cars are replaced with newer and sleeker models than the year before. Safety features and technology become greater each year, and the used cars on the market today are not the clunky, ramblers that they once were, but very sophisticated with many great features – depending on the make and model of the vehicle, of course.

For car buyers that are interested in a great deal on an auto, they should definitely consider a used car, and there are some very good sources to purchase a used car, such as, the online auto auctions.

How to Find Online Auto Auctions

Obviously, online auto auctions are performed online, and where you will need to access to be involved in an auto auction. But, just how do you find these online auto auctions? It is quite simple, you simply browse your favorite search engine such as Yahoo or Google. The major search engines will have full listings of the online auto auctions. Simply type in your browser “online auto auctions” press click, and let the engines go to work. Within seconds you will have many results and sources to access.

A few of the online auto auctions that are reputable and are a means to get a good deal on the purchase of a used car are the following: is a site that is an online seized auto auction site that you will have plenty of opportunity to bid on vehicles for sale. The site has a large database of new and used makes and models of vehicles and allows you to search their database for what interests you. It provides its users with information regarding various auction sites that have what you are interested in purchasing. As with all auto auctions, the car buyer can expect to save 30 to 70 percent or more. This is a site that you will need to register in order to have full access to its advantages, but, if you are interested in purchasing an auto at a good price, it definitely is a good place to be.

Another online auto auction that you definitely will want to access is the police auto auctions that are conducted online. At the police auto auctions there are some very good bargains to be had, and some very nice vehicles, as they are vehicles that have been seized from criminals, and it isn’t unusual to find the best prices on used vehicles through these auctions.

Auction Fire is an online auction site that is no cost and offers their users links to websites where cars are up for auction. This is valuable for the bidder, as they are able to size up the vehicles in an easy way, prior to bidding on the vehicle. The site also has a message board that it uses for auction fraud alerts, which is helpful to the bidder, so that they are not scammed.

Another place that you might consider is asking your local police department if they have a website that they show the vehicles which they will be auctioning off. Many times, the local police departments have sites, which display the vehicles which will be up for auction.

eBay Motors is another auto auction site that auctions vehicles from both private parties and dealers. The advantage of eBay is that it allows their users to contact the seller and be able to ask any questions regarding the vehicle. is another site that has a variety of opportunity to purchase a vehicle at an online auction. The site lists cars from the government fleet, GSA auctions, state and local surplus property sales, and more. Once you land on the page, it will simply direct you to where you are interested in shopping for a vehicle. There are a number US Government Car Auctions happening all the time so check it out.

Tricks to Get a Good Deal at an Online Auto Auction

With the online auto auctions the bidder, most of the time, does not have the advantage of staring the vehicle or inspecting it under the hood. Therefore, it is essential to take as much precaution as possible. To know that you are purchasing a vehicle that is worth its value, then take all necessary steps, when possible, and the best advice is to get the vehicle identification number of the vehicle and perform a history check on the vehicle.

With a history check on the vehicle you will be able to find all the important information that pertains to the vehicle, such as, how many accidents it has been involved in, whether it has ever been salvaged, the number of owners the vehicle has had, past service repairs of the vehicle and so on. It is one of the most valuable documentations that used vehicle buyers can obtain and just may save you from purchasing a vehicle that is going to give you a world of trouble.

What Things to Look for Compared to Shopping in Person

Obviously, when you are shopping in person, you have the advantage of starting the engine and taking the vehicle for a test drive. You can fiddle with all the features of the vehicle and get a feel for the condition of the vehicle. When shopping online, you do not have this advantage, so it is absolutely necessary to get the VIN of the vehicle and to perform that history check on the vehicle. This is essential, and the one protectant you have that shows you the real worth of the vehicle.

Online auctions offer some great deals to be had. Take your time, approach the steps in bidding online properly, and make sure you purchase a vehicle that is worth its value.

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  1. This article is very relevant to today’s time since almost everything is done electronically. Speaking from personal experience , they do have great deals on cars in auctions . I got my first car from an auction and it ran great and was a great deal ! Way better than anything I could find in a used car lot .

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