Wipe New Product Review


When you’re getting your car ready to sell, you want it to look it’s best. You’ll need to clean it or have it cleaned professionally because the time/money you put into the car doing that is well worth it – you’ll get much more than that back with your selling price. One thing that you might consider doing is making … Continue reading

How to Remove the Dealer Sticker From Your Car


It Just Takes 5 Minutes – Do It Yourself! When you get a car from a local car dealer (usually when you get a used car), the dealer puts their sticker on the trunk or somewhere to help promote their dealership and tell others where you got your great car. The good thing is that you don’t need to have … Continue reading

Tips on Detailing Your Car


To probably most people, the thought of cleaning a car in great detail sounds really tedious and boring. To me, I love it. I love doing something as simple as cleaning something to add value to something or restore it. You’d be surprised at what a difference such a simple thing as spending time cleaning your car before you sell … Continue reading