Lease a new car for less: Takeover an auto lease


Regardless of what dealer or leasing company you go through there is a cost to leasing a new vehicle. You have to pay a down payment, taxes, finance fees and the list goes on. Even after all of those fees you’ll be locked into a lease that is usually at least 24 months if not more. However there are ways … Continue reading

2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8


The all-new 2011 dodge SRT8 392 is a combination of great balance of function and excellent shape. This machine has an impressive acceleration in a straight line with a handling that is world class. All these combined with the technology used in braking and in manufacturing the engine results in a super strong car with admirable fuel efficiency. This is … Continue reading

The Rise of Electric Cars


The term electric car refers to the motor vehicles that use electric energy for propulsion.  Electric cars have different sources of energy apart from the on-board battery. Some get their energy from the sun while other have a generator that runs on gasoline and are referred to as hybrid cars. The term electric car is commonly used to refer to … Continue reading