Want to Know What a New Car is Worth?


When you’re looking to purchase a car it can be sometimes difficult to figure out what price to settle for. In fact, if it’s your first time buying a new car it can be really daunting to know what to offer the new car dealer. If you offer the wrong amount, you can not get taken seriously, or even worse … Continue reading

23 MUST DO Car Maintenance Tips to keep the value of your car


It’s easy to lose track of the maintenance of your car. You’ve got things to do, kids to drive around, groceries to buy, and car maintenance can get pushed to the back of your mind. Here’s a list of 23 MUST DO car maintenance tips that will keep your car in tip top shape in between major services. Break in … Continue reading

Top 10 things to remember when buying a car


There are a ton of new car buying tips out there but as with all things, some are better than others. Most of the car buying tips you’ll find are about finding the best price possible, but really that’s just scratching the surface. After all, you want the best accessories, additions and insurance that you can find. You can find … Continue reading